Tuesday, October 11, 2011

October Harvest & Update

The new crop of radishes is ready to be picked

Peppers are doing much better now than they did at the beginning of the summer

Most of our tomatoes are green but...
There is one gigantic Orlov yellow tomato ready to be picked

I was lucky enough to pick these two regular sized zucchini and one huge one. I will definitely be using these to make Stuffed Zucchini

I am not a fan of cantaloupe but I think this one is ready to be picked

The salad burnet is thriving. A fellow gardener suggested cutting this and throwing it into any salad you make to add another layer of flavor to your dish

The basil is doing a little too well and has flowered but I picked some today and it is as sweet and flavorful as ever

I have never really enjoyed tomatoes until I tried these wonderfully sweet and plump Cherokee Purple Cherry Tomatoes. 

This new plant sprouted up in the time between my last visit to the garden and I was unable to find a label for it. Can anyone tell me what it is? I am incredibly intrigued by it's purple color. Is it a kind of kale or swiss chard?

As I wandered around the plots I saw that someone had planted brussels sprouts in their garden...I think this is a must for next summer! The plant is very neat and doesn't seem to take up too much room.

Well, until next time! Here is a snapshot of our garden 10/10/11

I must say I am incredibly impressed that our garden has faired so well with the cold temperatures we have been experiencing at night lately. I hope it lasts a few weeks longer!

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