Thursday, July 7, 2011

Garden Update

I hope the summer has been treating everyone well! The gardens (and weeds) certainly have flourished, I visited today and spent about an hour weeding, admiring plants, and contemplating what I would make with the numerous crops in our garden.

Some exciting news about our community involvement: We have been able to forge a relationship with a group of Burmese immigrants who have a garden in an area called the Clay Gardens here in Greeley. So far some of our UNCO Gardeners have visited the Clay Gardens with the Burmese people, shared a snack including radishes from our garden, made a pizza using garden vegetables, experienced new herbs and usage of plants, and learned how to communicate with people who do not speak the same language. This is a wonderful experience and a relationship I hope we can continue to work on.

A gardener and Burmese immigrant trying a crop together