Wednesday, August 3, 2011


The hot hot hot weather in Greeley has made for a wonderful growing climate. Here's a short and sweet garden update for everyone.

Bonus: I got to harvest a few things last time I was at the garden. Very exciting!

The plant that I thought was a gigantic pepper plant was in fact a sunflower. The flowers are very pretty but not quite the humongous peppers I was hoping for!

Lettuce is doing too well to keep up with anymore. We definitely need to harvest some!

The salad burnet is thriving.

Our sweet basil is doing well. I cut some of the leaves and used them in a pasta dish recently. It had a fantastic licorice-y/sweet flavor.

Green tomatoes! All the warm weather should help them turn red. Hopefully they will start ripening soon.

Zucchini are starting to grow. Some gardens' zucchini have gotten gigantic but we only have a few small  ones right now.

Our peas are done growing.

The newly planted cucumbers have some mini cucumbers but nothing to harvest quite yet.

A tiny poblano pepper that should be ready to pick soon. Poblanos are milder than jalapeno peppers and are great to stuff.

We have a couple cantaloupes starting to grow. The bees love the cantaloupe blossoms.

Carrots starting to show above the dirt. Fresh garden carrots are so much sweeter and flavorful than their grocery store counterparts.

Squash blossoms (on zucchini plants) can be harvested and are often stuffed and fried. They're delicious!

I was lucky enough to harvest some carrots, zucchini, sage, basil, lettuce, deer tongue lettuce, chives, and green onions. A very nice fellow gardener let me harvest some garlic and dill from his garden. I thoroughly enjoyed it!

So grown up :-)

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