Thursday, June 9, 2011

Garden Update and A How-To

The last time I visited the garden I brought along four cherry tomato plants that had been happily growing in my windowsill. I had one Orlov Yellow, one Red Cherry, one Cherokee Purple, and one Marizol Purple. These little plants were yearning for an outside life so I planted them. Planting seedlings isn't complicated but it is important that it is done correctly. Here's a quick how-to on everything I know about it, if you have any suggestions let me know, we're all here to learn!

Step 1
 Dig a hole that is deep and wide enough to fit the pot your seedling is in, this ensures the roots of your seedling will have enough room to fit in the hole

Step 2
Remove the plant from its pot by supporting the dirt on top with your hand (be careful to not squish your plant). With your other hand gently turn the pot upside down and squeeze it a little to loosen the dirt. The roots and all the dirt should come out easily and in a big clump (called a root ball). Be VERY careful to not let the root ball fall apart.

Step 3
Place your plant into the hole you dug and fill in the hole with dirt. Pack down the dirt and fill the hole up all the way so when you water you don't expose the delicate roots of your newly planted plant. Don't forget to label your plant so you know what is growing there!

Step 4
Liberally water your newly planted plant and put more dirt around the base of the stem or anywhere that it is needed. New seedlings will need to be watered often and with tomato plants cages should be placed around each one (we just got some for these).

Update: Here is one of the Orlov Yellow seedling's tomatoes

Sorry it's been so long but not too much has happened at the garden in the past couple of weeks. A few of our plants have sprouted their tiny heads above the soil and are working on growing roots now. The weather has been just about perfect! Sunny and warm with a little rain here and there. Hopefully this means we are on our way to a great harvest in a couple months.

Now for a garden update:

Our lettuces have started to grow

Our crowded radishes will have to be thinned soon or we will end up with miniature radishes

The pepper plants are doing great and the marigolds have thwarted any insects so far

Green onions

The pea plants aren't quite tall enough to need the cage yet but hopefully they will be soon

Remember when our garden looked like this?

This is it June 1st! 

We have some weeds that need to be pulled but our crops look great so far.

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